LAFF Entertainment presents Coffee Ready? (Starring Black Coffee) DVD

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LAFF Entertainment presents Coffee Ready? Comedy DVD - Starring Comedian Black Coffee.  

See 15 year Comedy Veteran, Black Coffee, perform live at Tony Roney's Comic Vibe - Detroit Comedy Club and Tony Roney Funny Sundays at Bert's Market Place.  His "old school" style of comedy is truly laugh-out-loud hilarious!  He talks about his childhood, friends and relationships. 

Give the Gift of Laughter!


LAFF Entertainment Production

Tony Roney Film

Directed By Tony Roney

Starring Black Coffee

Filmed By: Karen Littleton and Kathy Richardson

Edited By: Kathy Richardson

Pictures Taken By: Karen Littleton and Kathy Richardson

Executive Producer: Tony K. Jordan

Executive Producer: Kathy Richardson

          **Video Contains Explicit Language.  Parental Discretion Advised.**