LAFF Entertainment presents M.A.D. Comedy (Starring Mary Ann DeMoss) DVD

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LAFF Entertainment presents M.A.D. Comedy (Starring Comedienne Mary Ann DeMoss) Comedy DVD

Get ready to go MAD over the one and only Comedienne Mary Ann DeMoss.  Watch a compilation of her most recent stand-up performances.  Mary Ann discusses everything from her family life, overwhelming responsibilities, relationships and much more!  The characters that she also portrays are truly laugh-out-loud hilarious.


LAFF Entertainment Production

Tony Roney Film

Directed By Tony Roney

Starring Mary Ann DeMoss

Filmed By: Karen Littleton and Kathy Richardson

Edited By: Kathy Richardson

Pictures Taken By: Karen Littleton and Kathy Richardson

Executive Producer: Tony K. Jordan

Executive Producer: Kathy Richardson

                  **Video contains explicit language.  Viewer discretion advised.**